Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What I really meant by Slowly Slowly catch Monkey...

I'm busy reading Patterns of Quality - How Software is built by Jerry Weinberg. I came across this paragraph in Chapter 4 -

"When trying to introduce change in software engineering practices (or any practices, for that matter) it’s often better to work by addition, rather than subtraction. Instead of continually emphasizing what people are doing wrong, emphasize what they are doing right so that they will do more of it. Also, you can point out that there are things missing, but not too many at one time. You may need to say something about state B in order to motivate them to change at all, but don’t overwhelm them with their sins. It only makes them feel powerless and unable to make any creative changes."

It was at CAST 2007 that I first attended a tutorial led by James Bach and learned about Heuristics. In writing my own (Slowly slowly catch Monkey) the above describes what I meant (and didn't articulate nearly as well :)).